[MMM] I Found The Secret To Googles Success Success (& Possibly To Yours…) | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning, 

 I have found the “secret” to Google’s success and it is on the sign below. It is all summed up in one word…









perhaps; possibly.

    “maybe I won’t go back”


Perhaps, possibly, conceivably, it could be (that), it is possible (that), for all one knows; More


(You can thank Google for that handy definition.)


Maybe I’ll open a Superwash car wash…

Maybe I’ll apply for that promotion

Maybe I’ll find the right career...


It is made very clear by our actions what we are and what we are not committed to.  

Setting goals and dreams is the easy part.  The trick is how to take that spark of desire, motivation, or hope, and fan it into a roaring fire.


Google has built their business plan around the following simple statement:



“Google’s job is to reduce the time between intention & action”

 – Google Co-Founder Larry Page


This overwhelmingly lucrative company has taken something inherent in all of us – the desire to succeed – and has translated it into their own success story.


You know… reducing the time between intention and action is exactly what we do here atCareerJoy.


Just to be clear, there won’t be any company Jets parked outside our office any time soon, but I am proud of the way our team has helped improve the lives of thousands ofclients over our 10+ years of being in business. I am proud of every person who has walked through our doors and found the strength to turn their intention into action & success.


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Turning ideas into reality, along the road with you,




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