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Money really cannot buy you health or love and this has never been more true as it is today. This past week, Dave Goldberg, husband of Sheryl Sandburg, COO of Facebook, died in a very unusual accident in the gym of a Mexican resort. Her husband was successful in his own right – the CEO of Survey Monkey, with over 20 years of leadership in tech companies in Silicon Valley. He was the first person to share the “internet” with Sheryl.


What I admired about this tragic story is the impact that he had on her career & how supportive he was in the way he loved her. In Sheryl’s well known book, Lean-in, she speaks of the role that David had in her life. I’m reminded of the truth of “The We”. I recognize that not everyone is blessed to have such a life partner; someone who will journey, support, challenge & be your cheerleader.


A 5 year study of 5000 marriages by psychological scientists Brittany C. Solomon and Joshua J. Jackson of Washington University looked at the role our spouses have and the influence on our success at work. They found that higher partner conscientiousness was associated with greater satisfaction in the relationship, which spilled over into greater satisfaction & performance at work.




To have that in your life is truly special.


Lives and careers are so much richer when we journey with others. When we have people in our corners who, when challenged, will give us perspective & when we are bruised, will nurture us and comfort us. Who, when we are victorious, will celebrate with us.


This isn’t about money; you can not buy this. It is earned over years of trial, error, and some would say belief in a higher power, to achieve this.


From me to we.


This story is a paradox. There is so much love within their story, yet an undeniable sense of pain & sadness with the sudden closure of their relationship.


We all have people in our corner & we in theirs. A well lived life is not one lived alone.


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