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David Herle and Pat Sorbara, I am sure you have heard of them, correct?




OK, that was the response I was expecting.


Kathleen Wynne – ever heard of her? If you’re a resident of Ontario, then you most certainly have.


Without David Hearle and Pat Sorbara, Ms. Wynne wouldn’t have been hired for the biggest political job in Ontario. The people have spoken, but they were heavily influenced and won over by the strategy that David and Pat created and implemented to help her get reelected as Premier of Ontario.




An election is simply a job interview process on a grander scale – and much more public. There is a job opening, multiple candidates apply for the position, and there is a candidate chosen from the options. That’s how democracy works and that’s how the job market works. Though, most of us are lucky enough to not have to reapply for our jobs every 4 years and go through the intensive process all over again.


I often hear from clients about the challenges that they have in their job search. Even Premiers like Kathleen Wynne have challenging times in their campaign. Think about the odds against her with scandals, provincial debt & even her sexuality. Despite the predictions of the media and pundits, Premier Wynne and the Liberals won the majority of votes. Many people wonder how this happened? It’s actually quite simple. 


The Liberals had Kathleen, a charismatic candidate who truly believed in her values, what she had to offer and she rose above the other candidates to become the strongest of the 3 options (FYI, my observations are purely objective as I have no personal attachment to the Liberals). Kathleen also hired two clever campaign managers who shaped her candidacy around her strengths and needs of the province. They focused on earning the public’s trust so that the Kathleen Wynne Liberals wouldn’t be equated with the “Old” McGuinty “Tax-Spend-and-Waste” Liberals.


Strong candidates still need strong campaign managers. The role of a campaign manager is to create a campaign that plays to the strength of the candidate and meets the need of the employers (in this case the taxpayers of Ontario). Together, David Herle and Pat Sorbara created her “resume” in its various formats, helped her through the interview process, and crafted a winning strategy.


Who’s your campaign manager?




OK, that was the response I was expecting.


My team and I have helped many professionals, like you, win their race in various professions, levels and geographic locations. We give you the edge, even when that odds are seemingly against you.  


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