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Good Monday morning, 


It is pre-Canada Day in Canada and most people have taken today off to create a 4 day weekend. When we think of Canada we think of many things – humble and kind people, Rocky Mountains, Hockey, and of course, Timbits.


I  was fortunate to have heard the Marc Caira, CEO of Tim Hortons, speak recently. I was astounded to hear of their business success. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and as you read this, almost 400,000 Canadians have ordered their double double this morning. In fact, on average 1 million Canadians visit a Tim Hortons every single day.


Some Tim Horton facts…

  • 8 out of 10 coffees served in Canada are served by Tim Hortons.
  • They serve more coffee than a their next 15 competitors combined.
  • 2 billion cups of coffee served a year
  • 3500 stores across Canada equals one Tim Hortons store for every 8566 Canadians.
  • #1 in Breakfast category
  • #1 In lunch Category
  • #1 Afternoon snack category

What keeps Marc up at night? “Complacency is our greatest danger, relying on our past successes and the position that we have in the marketplace.”  He also shared that like many Canadians, he finds it is easy to be too humble or cautious – not toot our own horn or take necessary risks.



He shared that this is both an exciting time and a challenging time with such a great brand, yet the market is in low growth mode and nervous consumers are looking for consistency as well as great value.


What is the solution to Marc’s and his franchisee’s danger of complacency? 


– Be bold –

– Be different –

 – Be daring –


What’s the solution to your career and leadership complacency? 


– Be bold –

– Be different –

– Be daring –


The next time you grab your next double-double, book 10 minutes alone to think about how you make bold, different, and daring choices to help you reach your potential. To join the conversation, visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


I’ve been everywhere man, along the road with you! 




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