[MMM] How To Deal With a Closed Door | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning!   


When one door closes, what comes next? Well, of course, another door opens.


How about this idea: When a door closes, just open it again.  



The problem is that, we assume a closed door is, well, a closed door. Closed doors can be opened. That’s what doors do, they close and they also open. Crazy things!


Don’t assume that because you didn’t get a call back from an interview, it’s a “closed door.”


Don’t assume when you ask for a raise, and don’t get one, it’s a “closed door.”


Don’t assume when you ask to work on a project and are denied, it’s a “closed door.”


Don’t assume because you weren’t promoted this time, it’s a “closed door.”


If we walk past every closed door in our lives, both metaphorical and literal,  we won’t go to many new places, meet interesting people or stretch ourselves.


Doors have handles and hinges for two reasons: to be closed and to be opened. When a door is closed, it won’t open by itself. Opening a door requires energy, leverage and sometimes creativity. Most important, you need to see that door as not simply closed or open. It can be opened and closed by you.


That’s the “magic” of doors.  


Turning the handle, along the road with you!




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