[MMM] How I Found the Right Career (& How You Could Too) | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,


Finding the right career path could be as easy as this…



…It was a sign from the heavens.


In the coincidence of coincidences, while traveling to our Vancouver office, I asked for a can of coke zero to drink. They actually had to go the back of the bus (I mean plane…although planes feel way more like buses these days…) to grab me a can and this was what was handed to me.


As a little travel tip, if you ask for a can of the drink that you prefer they will always give it to you. At one point we were always given a can, and along came McKinsey Co & friends who identified how to reduce millions of dollars a year in drink expenses by only offering you a small portion.


So I guess it is true, I should be a coach.


I had a flash of how it felt when you are intently looking for the right career path. That longing to have some clear sign fall from the sky that tells you what you should be doing now that you’re “all grown up”.


Here’s the reality. If you are really making a decision based upon a can of coke, fortune cookie, or your horoscope, you’d better be darn sure that that is the right path for you.


Finding the right career is unlikely going to happen so luckily. Many people are hoping that through some miracle the answer will show up. In reality, things like this, that are so important to us, often take real intention and focus to ensure they come to life.


Looking to “land” in the right career? My team & I can help reduce the risk & elements of luck. We can deliver the real thing…


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Flying, along the road with you!



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