[MMM] How Canada Day represents opportunity

Happy Tuesday Morning!


On Sunday we celebrated all things that make our country so great. One of the things that I most appreciate is the ability for people in Canada to have the freedom to stay true to their culture, language, religion and values. This country offers, in a very unique way, the opportunity to be Canadian and to integrate the diversity of who we are into our country.


I distinctly remember in Grade 7 learning about a principle that is a core strength of Canada: The Melting Pot principle. I remember this, because this just wasn’t another teaching element on the grade 7 curriculum for me. As a new Canadian, I was living this principle as our family was finding its own place in the mosaic that is Canada.


When our family immigrated from Ireland we were accepted and embraced in spite of how we counted, “one, two, tree (three), four…” Does our country have challenges? Yes, of course it does. But what we suffer are truly “first world” issues.


We also have mountains, lakes, trees, fresh water, great education, healthcare and some of the nicest people on the planet.



Oh Canada…
You are so good to us. We deeply appreciate this and don’t take any of it for granted.
Along the road with you…


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