MMM | How Canada Day Represents Community

Good Monday morning,


On Wednesday we celebrate all things that make our country so great. This year, Canada Day may look different for most of us. There will be no city-wide parades or large parties. But it’s important to remember we still have so much of this country to be thankful for. We have mountains, lakes, trees, fresh water, great education, excellent healthcare and some of the nicest people on the planet.


During this crisis, we’ve seen Canadians step up and give generously, sacrifice their own comforts for the greater good, and put their fellow Canadians health and well-bring ahead of their own. That doesn’t mean this has been easy, far from it! But it does remind us of the community in Canada we have to be so thankful for.



This year I choose to have the mindset of:


“Oh Canada…You are so good to us. We deeply appreciate you and don’t take any of it for granted.”


Along the road with you…




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