[MMM] Hey Siri, What Salary Can I Earn as a…. (Why Voice Search is Changing Everything)

Good Monday morning,


I have to admit, I’m really getting much more used to not typing anymore. What do you mean, you may be asking?


“Hey Siri, where is the closest gas station?””Siri, where can I find the best place for Chinese food?””Siri, what time does my flight arrive in Vancouver?”


Here are the top 5 trigger words for voice search:


1. How


2. What


3. Best


4. The


5. Is 


People communicate with voice-activated speakers like if they were talking to a human, using courtesy words like “please,” and “thank you,” and even “sorry”. 62% of those who regularly use their voice-activated speakers are likely to buy something through a device .


By 2020, 30% of all searches will be done using a device without a screen & it’s predicted that by 2022 that 50% of all searches will be done via voice. In fact, on my new laptop, Siri is installed and the two of us can chat all day long.


“Siri, help me get a job at Mcdonalds?” Yes, you can even do that now. There are some interesting modern approaches to job searching that also incorporate applying to roles online. McDonalds is currently testing out a new approach to recruitment that allows for you to apply to them strictly with a voice application. 


How is that even possible? No, sorry Siri, that was not a question for you.
I am fascinated how things are constantly changing, even in looking for a new role. Who knew you could apply for you next job talking to your speaker while having a bubble bath?


Over the past 17 years, I have seen lots of changes in the way one goes about a proper job search. Voice search is a new area and I think it won’t just be for getting a role flipping burgers & frying potatoes.


Did you have a LinkedIn profile 5 yrs ago? Probably not.


Our role is to help our clients conduct a modern job-search campaign using all the modern tools and strategies. 


Let’s face it, the average person looks for a new role on average every 5 years. It’s hard to keep on top of the best ways to go about getting the attention of busy hiring managers. It is great to use Siri and Google for info, but it is also important to get the best advice you can invest in.


Hey Siri, thanks for your all your help. 




“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust


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