[MMM] Help Wanted: Why I Think This New Role Is out of This World (Literally)

Sept 19, 2016 | The “Going to Mars” Edition

Good Monday morning,
Help wanted.
Must be:

  • 5’9″ tall
  • Good eyesight
  • Team player
  • Curious by nature
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Bilingual
  • Great public speaker
  • Quick learner
  • Multi-tasker
  • Good with heights
  • Extremely well educated

    The Canadian space agency is now recruiting for 2 new astronauts. Last week, I shared why that may be the right role for you – and presto! They hadn’t recruited in multiple years and we suggest it as an option – who says my timing isn’t astounding?


    Having a goal that is not “practical” is rarely considered a good thing. One of my executive coaching clients is a retired astronaut. Over 15,000 people applied in his cohort. His chances of landing that role were 4/15000.


    He could have taken the stance, why bother? It’s not practical. Way too competitive. I don’t have a PhD from the best school in the country. I am not a pilot. Too long of a process.


    He didn’t.


    I’m glad he didn’t count himself out of the process before it started. He had an incredible journey in that career. I understand that his chances were much more limited than if he wanted a new role as a VP of Engineering somewhere.


    He had the vision, passion, courage, and discipline to pursue this truly out of this world goal.


    Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 9.24.02 PM


    What about you?


    What is your big goal? Even if it doesn’t play out as expected, you will always always know with certainty that you pursued it and it wasn’t meant to be. The journey of pursuing is never lost. It will result in a new trajectory that may even be more fulfilling than your dream.


    Along the road with you!




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