[MMM] Heigh-Ho It's Off To Work We Go | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday morning! 

Off to the fun factory, I am sure that you were eager to jump out of bed, zip through your morning routine and dash in to work. You were looking forward to getting to your office, smelling the fresh coffee, and seeing the smiling faces around your cubicle. Thank goodness it’s Monday (TGIM!)   


According to sociologists at Facebook, Friday is the happiest day of the week. TGIF is ubiquitous. Based on a sampling of status updates, Friday is the day with the most positive descriptors. What about Monday? How many of us TGIM regularly? 

I heard a podcast on CBC Radio about Lister Sinclair. Sinclair was a producer for one of the more interesting radio shows, Ideas. To me, Ideas was like a Dr. Seuss book; the topics range from A to Z and everything in between. 


Sinclair died in 2006, having contributed to the broadcasting field for 60 of the 85 years of his life. He called his place of work “The fun factory”. That has always stuck with me. It’s not often you hear those two words used together! 

Sinclair definitely had the “TGIM” bug.  


For most people, fun is reserved for the weekend, hence the popular acronym “TGIF,” or “Thank Goodness It’s Friday!” The weekend is typically when you plan to have fun and rejuvenate, helping you recover from or get through the work week.  


Is it possible for work to be like this? I think so. If just 10% of the working population felt that way, 20 million people arrived at their “fun factory” this morning. That’s a heck of a lot of people on the right track!

Sinclair had fun and we all benefited from it. How about you? When you’re having fun, you are 60% more likely to have a long and healthy life. You’re 100% more likely to have a happy one! 


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Having fun, along the road with you!



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