[MMM] One Way I Guarantee You’ll Get the Role You Deserve ( 1 Thing Justin Trudeau & Andrew Scheer have in common)

Good Monday morning,


Well, it’s finally happening, our national election. It seems we have been in election mode since the beginning of the year.


There are currently 338 openings across the country for MP’s & one role as the Prime Minister. There are over 2000 candidates vying for those jobs.


I know who’s going to be our next Prime Minister & I know who will be representing your riding.


You may say, Alan, how can you say that?


With certainty, it will be the candidate with the best campaign manager.
It will not necessarily be the best candidate. Election campaigns are very simply, a very public job search.


The campaign manager is somebody you are rarely going to hear about, their role is quite unique.


Jeremy Broadhurst is Justin Trudeau’s campaign manager.

Hamish Marshall Is Andrew Scheer’s campaign manager.

Jennifer Howard Is Jagmeet Singh’s campaign manager.

Jonathan Dickie Is Elizabeth May’s campaign manager.


These 4 people are leading each of the parties’ campaigns.


They are strategists, confidantes, bad cops, good cops, communication advisors, firefighters. They make decisions on all key elements, from the candidate’s schedule, to who has access, relationship with the media, what debates they participate & more fundamentally key messages.


Who’s your campaign manager?


You may not be running to be a member of parliament, but the same principles apply for you as a candidate canvassing for that new role, whether internally in your own organization or for a new role that has been posted.


Over the last 15+years, we’ve run over 23,000 successful campaigns for our clients. 


If Justin, Andrew, Jagmeet or Elizabeth were doing this on their own, I would absolutely guarantee they wouldn’t win. It’s common sense to have good people guiding them for the best possible outcome.


What about you?


Along the way with you,


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