[MMM] | Harvey Weinstein & a workplace of equality

This has been troubling me for some time. It’s both an easy and complex issue for me to write about. While it is a saddening subject it also strangely brings me hope because I have to look for a better future.
It’s easy for me to write this as I have never experienced it. However it’s troubling for me to write, as I am father to both a daughter and a son.
I’m speaking of workplace harassment.
Women must have equal status for wellness and economic advancement in the workplace, period. While this is true in many scenarios, it has not been the reality for some.
We have all heard of it. For some it was a quiet whisper. For others, it was a public and embarrassing experience. It’s an ongoing issue and the Harvey Weinstein story has simply brought this to the forefront of our society once again. It makes me think back to when Monica Lewinsky shared about her experience in the Vanity Fair article “My boss took advantage of me.” I question whether we’ve progressed since her story back in 2014.
Due to the nature of my work, I have had many discussions around this issue. Many women realize there were professional consequences to sharing what has happened to them. Some of shared how this was “career suicide” whilte their senior leaders were protected due to their performance, role, and status. There are some organizations that have safe places and protocols to address these issues, but this is not the case within many. This has occurred at the highest levels our society, including with current and former politicians, who have been protected against the consequences.
This is not a left or right issue. It’s a human issue.

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According to a Canadian Poll of workplace harassment of woman by Abacus just released:

  • 56% of woman were sexually harassed
  • 12% said harassement happens often
  • Woman aged 30-44 were at the highest risk of the 64% who experienced it
  • 44% said the abuse was a co-worker
  • 77% of women believed there were no consequences to the behavior
  • 75% shared they had challenges resolving the issue

We live in the 21st century. No woman should have to feel vulnerable in the workplace in any way.
This is not an “awareness” issue, as some have suggested. Rather this simply has to stop.
I am strangely hopeful as it does seem the tide has turned. We are at a tipping point. Culture and technology have enabled ways to share outside of the common structures. I am more hopeful as I sense our society is finally changing its view.
See, equality isn’t just an economic issue. It incorporates all elements of our society. Our daughters and sons, nieces and nephews and grandchildren deserve to work in a world based on equality.
Along the road with you,
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