[MMM] Happy New Year (the real one) | New Fall Work Routines That Make a Difference

Good Tuesday morning,


Happy New Year! Yes, you are reading that correctly. September is officially the new January first.


Fall has a whole new rhythm. The demands on deliverables and the the pace of work picks up.


There are some obvious reasons that this happens: a majority of the team is now back after vacations, organizations are recruiting, and projects are in full motion.


For many organizations and individuals this is a prime time to implement changes to get on track to achieve their goals for their programs, and meet their personal and professional targets for 2019. 


As a leader, how will you help lead your team through this phase? As a professional, what new routines for fall do you need to adapt?


There are 4 ways to think about changing your routines for the New Year.


  1. Try something new. It could be as simple as changing which coffee shop you stop at on the way to work, testing out a standing desk or starting work a 1/2 hour earlier.
  2. Challenge yourself. What would you like to take on as a personal or professional goal? Is it enrolling in a leadership program, learning a new language or a new hobby?
  3. Developing a “soft” skill. Communication, priority management, public speaking, critical thinking & networking. You could choose one area that you would like to focus on improving.
  4. Reward. In what small ways can you reward yourself as you introduce new habits and changes in the fall?


One of the things I appreciate about Canada is that is has 4 distinct seasons (although some would suggest that it only has 2 seasons: winter and construction). Let’s face it, if it was summer all of the time, most of us would start to get bored of the same old things.


New routines get us to try a variety of things and to appreciate the experiences and growth that comes with a new perspective.


Leading along the road with you,




P.S. Our team has been selected as a finalist for the Canadian HR Awards as the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Service ProviderThank you for being a partner in our vision to lead every Canadian to find and create the best work situations.


Voting ends on September 9th.



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