[MMM] Googling Your Way To Career Mediocrity | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!

You’ve got to know when to google it, and when to ask a professional. There’s a time for digital, and there is a time for analog.  



In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a man in his mid 30’s was found deceased in his car. He died googling his symptoms. What were his symptoms? Sweating, tightness of chest, and pain in his arm.


You guessed it.


He was having a heart attack.


The investigation surrounding this unfortunate incident determined that he’d been using a computer at the University, and googled his symptoms. Shortly afterwards, he got into his car and began to drive home.


As I read this article, I was reminded of a very important lesson. You need to recognize when to seek out professional advice and support. In this case, making the decision to call 911 could have saved this young man’s life. 


Google is great for information, but not for solving complex issues that require insight, wisdom, and experience. Recently, a client reached out to me as he was having a career challenge. Sure, he could have googled it, read a book, or talked to his friends and family.


He recognized this was not a life or death issue, but it was keeping him up at night and causing a lot of stress. He called me to discuss his situation. After we talked, he thanked me for helping him clarify his thinking, and make an informed decision.


Google cannot do that.


When I work with a client, I bring my 20 plus years of experience to complex career and leadership questions. We work together to find creative ideas, and use practical tools that lead to better results!  


It’s incredibly interesting and rewarding work.


That is why I do what I do.


A strong heart, along the road with you!




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