[MMM] Google Founders Don't Google Complex Career Questions (Neither Should You..) | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,

Recently I had a new client reach out to me. I asked her how she found out about us, she said, “the old fashioned way. I Googled you.” We did have a laugh as we both discussed how Google is so mainstream that it is in a way old fashioned.


Google has over the last 15 years consistently been a leader in the digital economy. They have evolved, adapted and changed over time to the needs and wants of consumers. When you consider the role that Yahoo plays and even Microsoft, Google has consistently found new ways to be relevant.


This past week, it was announced that Alan Mualally, the recently retired CEO of Ford, had joined the board of Google. As CEO, he turned Ford from a struggling company that had lost its way to a leader in their sector. In fact, at the time Ford was looking for a new CEO it was such a risky job they had a hard time attracting the right person from the automotive industry so they reached outside their sector and brought in Alan in from Boeing.


As a public traded company, Google’s board of directors are hand chosen for their experience and ability to be objective. They recognize the need to reach out for real wisdom from people who are experts in their field. Google doesn’t “Google” the answers to complex questions such as those about people, new markets, investments or strategy because real wisdom comes from those who have experience, which is so much more valuable.



What do my new client and Google have in common? They both knew when to reach out for real, live, “analog” advice and a differing perspective. This is one of the key reasons why the leadership team at Google has been so successful, and one of the key reasons this particular client has had such a successful career – they know what they know, and they know what they don’t know, and they’re not afraid to ask for advice or help when necessary.


The world is incredibly competitive. Anyone can ask Google a question about interviewing, transferable skills or leadership, and get the same generic search results. When you are looking for real answers for your career and leadership questions, consider consulting the experts – the CareerJoy team.


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