[MMM] | Finding purpose in the work you do

As a child I used to watch The Waltons each Sunday night. There was something comforting about how the story and the characters became part of the rhythm of our family’s life. It was amazing to watch a family that worked and lived together. You saw the deep purpose and meaning they found in the store they ran, the community they served, and the people they loved.
As an adult I had resisted watching much TV. I found I didn’t have the patience to wait every week to discover what was next in the plot.
Then came Netflix.
Not paying $80 per month to watch 2-3 shows you like, not waiting for a week for the next episode, fast forwarding at any time, and not having to sit through someone telling you about newest version of Cheerios: all things that have caused me to turn from traditional cable to live streaming.
I have been watching the series The Crown on Netflix. I am enjoying seeing many historical events with which I am familiar through the lens of politics and power.
I just watched episode 6 of season 2. The main story line was about The Duke of Windsor, the former King of England, having to ask the Queen for permission to return to England after his abdication. His motive for returning? To find purpose through meaningful work.


The Duke had lost all sense of meaning in his life. He was one of the wealthy elite, living a life of luxury with parties and travel. His lifestyle was evidence of his lack of purpose. Consumption increases the more unfulfilled a person is.
He was deeply unfulfilled, had lost his moorings in his life, and was searching for a way to contribute.
What I found fascinating as I thought about The Waltons was that they would never be able to travel in first class or on a private car on a train, yet they were far more fulfilled. They had one thing the Duke of Windsor didn’t have.
One of the key benefits of the work we do is finding a purpose in it. As I watch The Crown noticed the sense of purpose the Queen sees in her function. She is not acting as a Queen, rather she is fulfilling the role of the Crown.
Along the road with you,
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