[MMM] Finding Opportunities is Easier than You Think! | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!   


Fishing has much in common with landing a new opportunity. To start with, they’re both pretty unpredictable.  


I spent four days in Algonquin Park, whitewater canoeing with a group of friends. On the way up to the park, I stopped to pick up a new fishing rod; remember, I do like shopping!  


I learned to fish as a kid, but I can’t say I have a “talent” for it. I really am a reluctant fisherman. I don’t mind the catching part, it’s just getting fish like this one: 




Off the hook! 


We were leaving our camp site for home, it was 11:00 am, and already blazing hot. I decided to throw my line in the water right by the shore. On my first cast, I caught a little pickerel, on the second, I caught the biggest fish of my life; it was my first muskie.


I’d talked with one of our leadership coaching clients about fishing the previous week. He agreed that it’s totally unpredictable, you really never know when or where you’re going to catch a great fish, and he compared it to finding a new opportunity. This particular client had just launched a whole new division, and it all started when he hadn’t even planned on fishing! He bumped into an old colleague in a big box store, and towards the end of the conversation said, “we should connect for coffee.”  


Fast forward six months, and this “chance” conversation, along with the subsequent coffee, resulted in my client being asked to lead a new division in his organization.


The moral of the story, opportunity is everywhere, if you are willing to put your line in the water, and respond when you feel that telltale “tug.”  


Just pay attention to your line, and be prepared. The biggest and best opportunities aren’t usually where you expect them.


My line is in the water, along the road with you!




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