[MMM] Family Day Weekend, Work & Lessons From Kobe Bryant

Good Tuesday morning,


I am sure, as a majority of Canadians this past weekend, you took some time to be with your family & friends with the extended family day long weekend.


Over these past few weeks, I have been impressed upon the outpouring of support, grief & admiration for Kobe Bryant. While you hear a lot about how well respected he was as a basketball player & all his accomplishments.


The biggest lauding you hear from those that knew him best was a fierce love for his family & friends.


These past few years after retirement, he was focused on taking a back seat & serving his family to help them grow & achieve their goals. In his previous role as a high-performance athlete, there is a tremendous amount of responsibilities & demands on him, which extended to the amount of time he could spend with his family. As a global basketball ambassador, he also was the centre of attention in most places he went.


That is both the blessing & the challenge of fame & fortune.


I saw a concise clip that a person had asked him at a recent conference,


Kobe, what’s your advice about leadership?


His response was very succinct.


Serve, don’t lead..


Even in the very last hours of his life, he was doing that.


He took his family to mass that morning & was serving others, most importantly, his daughter, by offering them a ride so they could avoid the LA traffic.


Hopefully, this weekend you had some time to reflect upon the people you love most.


While, yes, I believe in the innate value of work & the ability for us to become our best selves & to create for the greater good. I also think true success has to be deeper than more notable titles, more income & championship rings.


He is correct.


The true key to success as I ponder the lesson & legacy of Kobe is the continuance of choosing eulogy virtues, over resume virtues.


To serve well is to love well.


That is a life well-loved & lived.


Along the road with you!




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