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Good Monday morning,


Like many people during the summer, we were off to the movies on Friday night. While we were waiting for the movie to roll, I heard a lovely song, Down to Earth by Peter Gabriel, from the movie Wall-e. 


The song caught my ear so I downloaded the song to my iPhone (I love on-demand content). On the way home I must have listened to the song a dozen times. The music and the lyrics captivated me. One stanza in particular:


Did you think that your feet had been bound


By what gravity brings to the ground?


Did you feel you were tricked


By the future you picked?


Do you feel tricked by the career you picked? 


This is the question that drives my professional life working with clients – what choices did they make and how are they impacting their present and future experiences? This is not a question that is easy to answer. 


You can listen to my podcast with Richard St. John. He interviewed Harry Rosen, Robert Munsch, and other Canadians who enjoyed the future they picked.


The good news is that is the answer to the question is in the same song:


We’re gonna find new priorities


These are extraordinary qualities


When you realize that you need to find new priorities and new goals, this takes the sting out of this issue. Through the journey of setting new priorities, you will discover extraordinary qualities that you have within you that will help you move in entirely new direction. 


CareerJoy’s Career Identity Program can help you to find new priorities with the extraordinary qualities that you already possess. This is what we do.


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Down to earth, along the road with you!




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Peter Gabriel - Down To Earth (W/ LYRICS) Wall-E Soundtrack
Peter Gabriel – Down To Earth (W/ LYRICS) Wall-E Soundtrack