[MMM] David Bowie on the Difference between an Impactful or an Impressive Career

Jan 18, 2016 – Impressive or Impactful?

Good Monday morning,
I enjoy the Arts in all its forms. Two years ago, I saw a number of interesting exhibitions at The Art Gallery of Ontario, including Ai Weiwei’s exhibit as well as one about David Bowie. I was somewhat familiar with David Bowie’s work, but I had no idea of the variety of ways he explored his creative talent: music, costumes, writing and, of course, music.
This past week, David Jones, aka David Bowie, died after a battle with cancer. Much has been written about his evolution as an artist, and it is truly impressive. His ability to continually be relevant and pursue his artistic talent and interests literally to the end of his life, with the release of his new album only two days before his death. He was without a doubt one of the most impressive artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.
I have a good friend whose professional journey I admire, and we were recently having breakfast. While working part time and going to school part time, he finished his PhD and reached his goal as a professor. He was sharing the tension he has had in pursuing a career within his chosen profession, teaching, writing, research and consulting and his role as a father of three amazingly smart, funny, kind and caring kids. One of the choices he made did limit some of his professional opportunities – however, they provided him time and energy for his role as a father.
As I thought about this breakfast conversation, it reminded me of a particular piece written about David Bowie in the NY Times. It was from an interview a few years ago about his personal life. He spoke about how despite all of the fame and accolades, how desperately lonely he was. He spoke about how being a husband and father had surprised him with love, community and joy. His son, Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones shared, “He’s just a wonderful guy and father. He gave me the time and the support to find my feet and the confidence to do what I do.”

There was David Bowie the evolutionary artist, global influencer, fashion icon – and then there was the David Jones. David Jones who walked his daughter to school, picked up chicken at his favourite restaurant, who was a son, husband, friend, and father. The most impressive thing for me was the eventual resurrection of David Jones. He was able to find himself, create true relationships, and make choices that led to a rich life. His wife, Iman, shared, ” I didn’t fall in love with David Bowie, I fell in love with David Jones.” One full of deep love, loyal friendships and intimate impactful relationships.
That was truly his greatest legacy.
Impressive or impactful? Wherever you are in life, you have those choices. Wherever you are in life, the impact you have in your relationships with other people will truly live on.
Along the road with you!
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