[MMM] | Const. Ken Lam’s Career Courage & Why That Matters

Happy Monday Morning!
What if?
What if one person didn’t have the courage on Monday afternoon to confront 25-year-old Alek Minassian as he exited the Van that he had just used to run down multiple people? What other potential destruction and pain could have been inflicted upon the people of Toronto?
This is a very personal story as our North York office is located at Yonge and Sheppard. I walk on the exact sidewalk area that Alex drove on Monday. I usually take a late lunch at 1 and take a short walk along that stretch, but not that day. If I had happened to have been there, I would have been in that exact area at that time.
Const, Ken Lam of 32 Division exemplified that kind of courage on Monday with his apprehension of Alek without violence, in a showdown that has been seen many times online. Toronto Police Chief Mark Suander shared, “the handling of the situation was nothing short of remarkable”.
What I find also amazing was Ken’s decision to leave a 14 year engineering career to become a police officer. That was another example of his courage:
  • The courage to be true to himself about where he could best use his talents and his passions.
  • The courage to leave the known for the unknown.
  • The courage to be serve others in a career that is fraught with danger and risk.
  • The courage to listen to that voice that says this is the right path for him.

See, courage comes in all shapes and sizes. Like compound interest it is built little by little, step by step and shows up in the most unexpected ways, eventually producing a great reward.
His dad shared, “My son called me and said, ‘Daddy, everything is fine. I arrested the suspect…I didn’t even fire any shots.’ I responded.“You did a good job.”
I know as a parent there is nothing more satisfying to see a son or daughter deeply fulfilled.
Ken, Thank you for Serving and Protecting.
Toronto is a great city because of people like you.
Along the road with you…
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