[MMM] Career “Stretching” for Growth

Good Monday morning,
A few years ago, I was leaving my office on a winter day when I slipped on some ice and tore the ligaments in my left ankle. Ironically, even though I had been running for over ten years without injury, I was unable to run for the next three months, all because of a short walk to my car!
So, I started to do Yoga. To be frank, I was always suspect as to whether it was “real” exercise. Boy, was I ever wrong! If you work with a good teacher, Yoga is not only relaxing, but a great way to increase strength (when you are not losing your balance and feeling like a fool!).
Why does stretching feel so good? According to Dr. Stephen Juan, when you stretch, “the oxygen-poor blood is squeezed out of the muscles and is replaced with oxygen-rich blood. It also clears out metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide, which also accumulates. When you stretch, it essentially wakes up your muscle”.
I was always somewhat reluctant to stretch, but it still helped me to feel great after my workout. I sense the same thing in our clients when dealing with a change in the status of their careers. We often use the expression, “it was a real stretch”. In most cases, we are reluctant to take a specific action, such as doing our resume or looking for a new role.

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Often it is an external event (i.e., my slide on the sidewalk) that will “stretch” us. It could be asking to step in for your boss when they are away, representing your organization at an event or leading a new project.


In my experience, the event turns out more positive than negative, more times than not. We learn during the process – our “career & leadership muscles” grow, and we feel more alive.


Do yourself a favor – start some “career stretching.” We can help you learn the moves that can not only help you learn but truly reach your professional potential.


Along the road with you!




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