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Happy Monday Morning!
Last week, I spoke about the role of google & self diagnosis in managing your health & professional life. Most recent research shows of 70% of people self diagnose health issues using Google & it is even higher for career issues. We live in a DIY culture & that can subtly bring a lot of inherent dangers around decision making.
I was speaking with a senior HR person, who reached out to us for her own career questions. At first, I could tell that she wanted help but did feel some embarrassment about her ability to get some insight to the options in front of her.
She has been an HR exec for many years, has an MBA and coached thousand of professionals in her career. Why would she need to seek external counsel? In her particular case, she works as a career expert. Interestingly enough we can circle back to The Canadian Medial Association & its policies around self-diagnose for physicians & their family members.
They only allow physicians to treat their own family members in a few key ways. “For a minor condition or in an emergency situation, and only when another qualified health care professional is not readily available.” It is also is similar for self diagnosis of physicians. “CMA (Canadian Medical Association) policy on physician health and well-being ‘recommends that physicians not treat their own illnesses or self-prescribe’.” Self-diagnosis led to poorer outcomes & more risky solutions in the research with Doctors in Canada.
Our client was wise, even though she did have the expertise, she recognized the value in getting a second independent expert opinion on her career planning. She had a true sense of confidence in the choice she made & I am happy to report things are working out very well for her in her new role.
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