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Growing up, some people had a really clear sense of what they wanted to do professionally. I met a gentlemen who has been a commercial pilot for a number of years. He knew he wanted to be in that profession when he was 10 years old & went on his first plane trip with his Dad.
What are you going to be now that you’re all grown up? It is one of the most important questions that new clients are looking for an answer to when reaching out to us. They are curious about what they really want to be doing and how this would create more career & life satisfaction.
Interestingly enough, I found some terrific research on how high performing children get in tune with the answer this this question early in life. Research by The University of Nebraska – Lincoln, evaluated parents of children that had national rankings in music, volleyball, figure skating, chess & volleyball.
Principle 1 Expose your children to a variety of interests. Usually it started with exposing the child to activities, a musical prodigy would have been exposed early to music to by the parents.
Principle 2 Parents watched for signs early on in interests. One parent observed his child watch two men playing chess with keen interest. He enrolled his son in chess lessons after that & he is now a chess prodigy
Principle 3 They were supportive in a healthy way around the passion of their child. They didn’t pressure their children, they allowed them to explore & take risks.

















As they say it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, these principles while best applied early in life, can be effective at any age in helping yourself & those you love get in tune with the answer to this crucial question.

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