[MMM] Career Advice That’s Simply Logical

Jan 9, 2017 | The “Prosper” Edition


Good Monday morning,


I just finished watching a documentary about the life of Leonard Nimoy. It was fascinating to understand his journey and the impact he made upon Star Trek series.


Star Trek just turned 50 years old this past fall. Interesting enough, the first review of Star Trek on NBC shared that it would fail.


Star Trek is, frankly, weird. But the costumes and visual effects are right out of the old Frankenstein movies. It’s a shocker baby — if you’re easily shocked.”


What does that say about our critics in our lives?


Well, they can be wrong. In some cases, very very wrong.


Leonard had a relatively minor career in television. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the series, felt strongly about casting Leonard in the role of Spock. In fact, early on after the first pilot, they fired the entire cast except Leonard Nimoy. Rodenberry fought with the studio executives to keep him, and the rest as the say is history. A couple of interesting facts I took away from the doc, Leonord fought to keep the pointy ears, he felt they were key to his character, and he became best friends with Montrealer William Shatner.


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I wasn’t the fastest, nor the brightest. The one job I could do really well was being me.”


This was one piece of career advice, and for that matter life advice, that Leonard shared about his success. What Gene saw in Leonard was an actor who was comfortable with being who he truly was. Paradoxically, he wasn’t acting. He was being. That’s why he was so believable.


Leonard shared “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.”


It’s very logical to want to have a great career. Start by knowing, embracing and being the person who you really are. Leonard’s career was a series of one hit wonders before Star Trek, but he kept following this logic and it truly paid off for him.


See – that’s not only how you live long, but it is the key to prospering in this world.


Along the road with you!




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