MMM | Broaden Your Perspective

Good Monday (Technically Tuesday) Morning!


Back in 2018, I bought a new car and had been having an issue with one tire that kept going low. The way I figured it, I needed to either buy a new tire or keep filling it up every so often. In order to save the $300 a new tire would cost, I decided to just keep an eye on it and go the cheap and easy route.


I was sharing my frustration with a friend and she suggested something marvelous.”Why not see if Canadian Tire can plug the leak?”


One hour and $24.92 later my tire problem was solved. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective in life to help with a problem.


According to, “Perspective comes from the from Latin perspectus “clearly perceived,” past participle of perspicere “inspect, look through, look closely at.”


In my experience, my clients are often struggling to see a wider set of career options and, much like my tire frustration, are limited in their view with fewer solutions – sometimes completely missing the most obvious solution just as I had. A fresh perspective can help all of us think outside of the constraints of our normal worldview.


Ironically, my original schooling as an Optician is literally all about sight and how patients see. “Sight” in its many forms is one common thread that runs through each of my personal career paths. What could you achieve, given additional insight or fresh outlook?


What’s a time where your perspective had changed with a simple solution?


Along the road with you!




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