[MMM] Brexit, European Championships, Sink Holes & Your Career

June 27, 2016 | The “Cs” Edition


Good Monday morning,


There are many things that Europeans are passionate about: wine, food, travel, and, yes, the game otherwise known as soccer.


I find it ironic that while the European Championship is currently happening, the majority of people in the UK voted to leave the European Union.


This week will not be a good week to be driving anywhere near downtown Ottawa. Why? We have a major meeting between the leaders of Mexico, United States and Canada, and a sinkhole has created incredible complexity.


In the age of globalization and trade, countries are strengthening their relationships to enable more efficient flow of goods, services and people.


What do The European Championship, Brexit, globalization & sinkholes have all in common?


Three Cs.


Change, complexity, and competition.


We live in an absolutely, incredibly, dynamic environment. I have never seen a point in time, when all sectors, geographic regions, professions, and organizations have both the challenge and the opportunities that come in this era. There are changes happening overnight (think Brexit); complexity is coming in all business elements (think sinkhole); and the level of competition has never been more fierce with new players emerging in every single sector (think European Championship and globalization).


How does one respond? Two ways.


1. Find the right career. You absolutely cannot afford to be average at what you do. Being in a career that is aligned with you is not just a philosophical idea any more – it is the only way you will have the control and the economic security, and more importantly, reach your potential.


2. Be a great leader. If you look at the consequences of Brexit to David Cameron – one vote and he had to resign from his position as the Prime Minister. More than ever, the average leaders in all sectors will be pushed to the sidelines.


Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.22.03 PM


The good news? It’s never been abetter time to be in the right career and a strong leader. The opportunities and the needs will be endless.


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