[MMM] Barbara Walters on Fear, Worry & Career Success | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning,
“Is there anything you fear or worry about in your career that you didn’t accomplish?”
This was the final question to which Barbara Walters responded from her 2 hr special where, for the first time, she was the subject of the interview. As Barbara’s final formal role on television this special focused on the impact she has had on the world of media and her personal career journey.
“That I listened to my daughter enough,” was her answer.
I found this a very interesting and insightful response from a person who spent over 50 years talking to Kings and Queens, World Leaders such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Entertainers such as Michael Jackson. She had many firsts in her long and distinguished career, including being the first female news anchor of any national network channel.
Ms. Walters is the ultimate example of a true professional. She would spend all day in her hotel room with Q cards to create her well thought out questions. She was renowned for her ability to be prepared and her focus on her craft.
Still, the most important conversation she yearned to save time and energy for, was with her adopted daughter. At the end of the day there is nothing more important and valuable than the personal relationships that you have.
There is a saying ‘you can gain the world and lose your family’. Everyone has this tension, including Barbara Walters. This is the challenge when we feel like we have to give our all to work. When everything is given, there is nothing else left over for the other dimensions in our lives.
This week save your time, energy and space for the most important conversations in your life – the ones that you have, with the people you love.
Thinking about my wonderful children and along the road with you,
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