[MMM] Are Your Employees Your Greatest Asset? | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,


Our friends at Sesame Street like to keep things simple. They truly understood how to motivate us to learn our ABC’s.


Today is brought to you by the letter M.


Monday Morning Motivator.


Motivation is both an art and science, and it’s key if you are looking to see growth as well as advancement in your organization. 

This week is National Learn @ Work Week. In a survey by Louis Harris & Associates, companies that fail to invest in training for their employees were more than three times likely to lose them. AON conducted a survey where respondents ranked “opportunities for personal growth” as the number one reason for staying in a role, ranking significantly ahead of salary.


Here are 5 benefits to employee training:

  1. Training improves performance.
  2. Training enhances profits & productivity.
  3. Training saves supervisory & administrative time & costs.
  4. Training improves client satisfaction.
  5. Training improves employee satisfaction & retention.

The ABC’s of motivation are very simple, investing in your employees is the most effective and simplest way to show your employees they are valued.


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