[MMM] | A Career Worth Remembering

Feb 27, 2017 | The “Last Journey” Edition


Good Monday morning,


In a world full of change and unpredictable events, we find safety in our traditions. The word tradition comes from the Latin traders meaning, to hand over for safe keeping.


The Vinyl Cafe was part of our family Sunday tradition. While gathering for Sunday lunch, we would listen to the show, which in turn lead to the Christmas tradition of going to the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Concert. Stuart McLean became part of our home. He was like your favourite Uncle, who lived far away, that you saw once a year.


Stuart McLean, founder of the Vinyl Cafe, died much too soon at the age of 68. He was family to us. Stuart also was family to thousands of Canadians and so were the many characters that he introduced into our lives including the beloved Morley and Dave.


He brought Canada to Canadians. He spent over 130 days a year on the road, visiting small towns from coast to coast. Sharing the stories of ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things. He brought us Canadian artists, musicians, and unusually talented people.


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There was one particular show I’ll never forget. He recorded the calls to those who won prizes to his traveling shows. They were always interesting to listen to – how excited people were to win – but also the ability to tell him how much they appreciated him and the great work he did.


One time, he called the wrong number by mistake and spoke to a teenager whose family was going through a tough time.  He connected with him, showed compassion and went the extra mile to invite him and his Dad to one of his shows.


It was all things, Stuart.


Jess Milton, his long-suffering Producer shared, “Stuart always tried to tell the truth, and sometimes you have to go to fiction to tell a greater truth.”


Stuart did good work. I would suggest he did great work. See, the greater truth about his life’s work was, through the investment of his talents, passions and values, he saw, valued, and honoured the human in all of us.


In a world full complexity, challenges, and change, the long-standing tradition we all need is to understand that we are valued, appreciated and known.


Journey well, Stuart. We will miss you…


Along the road with you!




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