[MMM] A $10,000 Donut – What A Way To Start Your Day! | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning! 


After weeks of fighting and thousands of votes, a winner has been chosen. Not the new Mayor of Timmins, but the new king of donuts.

Andrew Sheppard, of Toronto, is the winner of the Dueling Donuts contest. His creation, The Tortoise Torte, won in its final duel against Oreo Borealis.

Tim Hortons, ever the clever marketing/coffee/bakery company, decided to ask Canadians to create a new donut. Think of it as crowd sourcing meets baked goods. They had 63,000 entries, selected the top 8 candidates, and set up a series of duels where the outcome hinged on Canadians’ voting.

The winner is a vanilla based donut filled with caramel, topped with chocolate fondant, caramel icing, and praline pecan pieces. 

For his “trouble,” Andrew was awarded $10,000. His first plan was to hold a party with “lots of donuts” for his supportive friends. The next, was to take his wife to Switzerland, a trip they have wanted to take for a long time, but it hadn’t been in their budget. Ah, the “sweet” rewards of success.

I was curious about what motivated Andrew to pursue this. 

It wasn’t the money.

Andrew shared: “I’d be able to go into any store anywhere, and see something I created. I chose to enter the contest as a creative outlet and not just because of a possible windfall.”

The best things in life come out of that desire to create. A health care consultant “creates”a donut.

Who’d have “thunk” it?  

What I love about this story is that you don’t need professional expertise to create something. You just need desire, and yes, some hard work, and a bit of courage too. 

Creativity is found everywhere, and I believe that you, yes you, are creative. 

We are at our very best when we are creating.

Creating, along the road with you!


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