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My kids do several hours of homework most days. That’s not too unusual, especially for students in post secondary education. Has homework followed you into your adult life? How many work related emails and calls did you field this weekend?


54% of Canadians who participated in the 2012 National Work-Life Balance Study said they take work home, averaging an additional seven hours a week. Over a year, that’s an extra nine 40 hour work weeks. (Heck – who needs a vacation!)



I think about this issue of work-life integration a lot, and find it interesting that it has become such a key career issue.


I wanted to share my conversation with Laura Bickle (Editor of Ignite Magazine) and Launi Skinner (CEO of First West Credit Union and former President of Starbucks.) They bring both an employer and individual perspective to this important topic.

I wonder how much of the challenge is related to our own desires, and how much is our response to employers’ demands? Both are our choices, and within our control.
Some of the solutions suggested by Laura and Launi from our webinar included;

  • Work with your partner to balance family responsibilities.
  • Talk to your Employer about working from home one day a week.
  • Downsize your lifestyle.
  • Consider taking a “not so big” role.
  • Transition to a more family friendly Manager or Employer.
  • Think of integration rather than “balance.”

These successful woman shared, “Don’t expect perfection, there is no perfect solution. It is a combination of having a good support system, and an open dialogue with your employer, mixed with a dose of humour.”


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