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Good Monday morning,


Yesterday, we celebrated Father’s day. I was thinking of what a blessed person that I am. My Dad, in so many ways, has showed me & continues to model to me what it means to live well, both personally & professionally.


While it does take a village to raise a child, our parents play the most influential role in how we view the world, choices and our potential as human beings. I learned a tremendous amount from my Dad about work and the positive impact it can have on your life when you choose the right career path.


If you have found the right career and come home most days challenged & enjoying your work, you are passing that message on to your children. If you work for money and work is truly a four letter word, then that is the main idea that you are passing on to those that you mentor in your life.


Some simple ways we can start to view our role as parents can be discovered in a 2010 research study Child Rearing and Developmental Trajectories: Positive Pathways, Off-Ramps, and Dynamic Processes by George W. Holden of Southern Methodist University.


This is theoretical speech for ‘how the heck to help your kids find, get, and stay the right track?’


Parents/Mentors have 4 key things to do:

  1. Shaping what it means to set goals & objectives & shaping philosophically what it means to live well.
  2. Help provide experiences such as, education, hobbies, music, cultural events, sports, travel, clubs, adventures & faith communities that lead them towards discovering the right path.
  3. Help your child take responsibility & ownership over the right path. Help shape their understanding of choices & autonomy over those paths.
  4. Help your children with emotional & psychological resilience, when they hit roadblocks on the right path.

The key role we play in life is as a model for those people we care about.

It’s not what we say, but how we live, that is the most important message passed on to our children and the individuals we mentor.


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Thankful for my Dad’s mentoring, along the road with you!


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