[MMM] | 4 Different Office Personalities in Your Office

May 8, 2017 | The “Chemistry” Edition


Good Monday morning,


High performing companies and professional sports teams, like our Ottawa Senators, have this in their room: Team Chemistry.


This corporate client has seen a dramatic turn-around on their team this year. Key things that have changed include the chemistry in their dressing room, a positive buy-in to their system, and consistent messaging from key leaders. The proof is in the pudding, particularly in their playoff run. Building a supercharged organization is both an art and a science.


Deloitte commissioned a research project by biological anthropologist Helen Fisher and molecular biologist Lee Silver. They surveyed 190,000 leaders and teams in thousand of interactive sessions. They identified four key types of styles.


The result is a system called Business Chemistry.


“Pioneers value possibilities, and they spark energy and imagination on their teams. They believe risks are worth taking and that it’s fine to go with your gut. Their focus is big-picture. They’re drawn to bold new ideas and creative approaches.”


“Guardians value stability, and they bring order and rigor. They’re pragmatic, and they hesitate to embrace risk. Data and facts are baseline requirements for them, and details matter. Guardians think it makes sense to learn from the past.


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“Drivers value challenge and generate momentum. Getting results and winning count most. Drivers tend to view issues as black-and-white and tackle problems head on, armed with logic and data.”


“Integrators value connection and draw teams together. Relationships and responsibility to the group are paramount. Integrators tend to believe that most things are relative. They’re diplomatic and focused on gaining consensus.”


Building a great team like the Ottawa Senators requires a mix of these four types to find a balance that complements and spurs each member towards excellence.


As you consider who to hire next on your team, think about what types of people you currently have and who you can add in your “dressing room” to help create a winning organization.


Our client, Sue Lamothe, Director of Finance & Operations at the Canadian Museums Association wrote: “The Canadian Museums Association hired [CareerJoy] to provide leadership coaching based on individual assessments of our management staff this summer. We have a young management team and [CareerJoy] did a great job of assisting them, as a group, to recognize not only their own strengths, but those of their co-workers. As a result of… coaching I have already seen an improvement in interactions and, ultimately, results!”


CareerJoy works. If you’re looking to create productive and engaged teams, our team can help.


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