[MMM] 3 Things to Do When You Get the Career Doldrums

Feb 16, 2016 | The “Navigating” Edition

Happy Tuesday morning,
About 20 years ago I took a learn to sail program. I spent a week with a good friend sailing around Vancouver Island. It was an amazing way not only to learn how to sail, but also to experience first-hand the beauty of the wildlife and scenery.
Learning to sail, there are calm seas, and rough seas, and there are times when you hit the doldrums. By sailing definition, the doldrums are an equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean where the prevailing winds are generally calm and have been known to trap sail powered boats for days.
Everyone who has ever been alive has spent part of your life in this zone, not while sailing, but in your personal and professional lives when there has been inactivity, stagnation or depression.
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There are three ways out:
1. Be Creative. Think inside the box that you work in and find simple things to change, like your arrival time, where you get your coffee, lunch, change of wardrobe, moving things around in your working space, etc.  Look for simple ideas to disrupt the ways you are approaching your work challenges. Do something original or different from your norm.
2. Take Action. What are the things (and there are always things) that you have been sitting on, putting on the back-burner, waiting for more information on, or let’s say it plainly – procrastinating? What about that course you were going to take? That new person you were going to hire? That new app you were planning on launching? Just do it.
3. Have fun. When is the last time you did something fun for yourself or your team? It can be something simple like a potluck or bringing in donuts for everyone or it could be sharing something really funny. Take yourself a little bit less seriously; laugh and make others laugh.
Learning to navigate out of the doldrums is the key to moving forward. The good news is that you will eventually get back to where there is “good wind” to pick up momentum & speed.
Along the road with you!
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