[MMM] 3 Smart Questions We Are All Asking… | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!

I have been doing my part for our economy over the past few weeks – I purchased a new flat screen tv, new couch and a fancy shmancy blender. These purchases made me reflect on my decision-making process. I realized that I am a research-based shopper: I am the type of person who gathers a lot of information and compares multiple options before feeling ready to pull the trigger. I have a tendency to over-analyze at times, and sometimes get stuck in “analysis paralysis.”


When it comes down to making a decision on anything major in my life, I ask 3 main questions:


What are its strengths & weaknesses?

How can it help me achieve what I need and want?

Is it true, really true?


These are the same 3 questions that you ask when you are looking to hire someone, find a new role or move your career in a different direction.


What are the strengths & weaknesses?

How can It help me achieve what I want from my career?

Is the opportunity or person I am looking at true, really true?


One of the analysis tools that a few of us use (OK – most of us use) is Amazon. Before pulling the trigger I “Amazoned” for third-party information by means of user ratings and reviews. I didn’t really care what Sony said about it’s TV; I was interested in what “real people” said about the product. 


I’m sure that most professionals wish they had a third-party source of information that would help them do background research and analyze potential employers. I am excited to share an excellent resource that does just that:




Think amazon meets employers. This site delves into ratings about the corporate environment, salaries, employee experiences, and even insider secrets on what style of interview questions are typical. 


One caution: after my research, I eventually went to the tv section of the Sony store to look and get a true sense of what I needed. Amazon is great, but I really needed to “touch” the product before deciding for myself.


Think of Glassdoor in the same way. Don’t take all the comments at face value. Try to stay neutral as you approach a new company by realizing that it really isn’t until you meet the people that you will answer the most important question:


Is the opportunity or person I am looking at true, really true?


At peace
with my decisions, along the road with you!




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