[MMM] 3 Simple Questions That All Great Leaders Ask

Happy Monday morning,


They are always serving yet seldom seen. Who are they? The members of the Canadian Armed Forces.


Currently there are 71,500 Regular Force members, 30,000 Reserve Force members and 25,000 civilian employees. The strength of our forces is not our planes, ships, helicopters, tanks and guns. Their key strategic advantage is that they are a “learning organization


In our firm we call this [LQ] Learning Intelligence. They record everything that happens and study their history thoroughly. They have a process to learn from each engagement they are a part of. It’s known as the “after action & review”. Each person involved in an event is asked these three questions:


1. What happened?


2. Why do you think it happened?


3. What can you learn from it?


History is important as it provides value when we learn from it. All organizations have a history but few have a process to analyze, record and learn from their successes and their failures.


I like this definition of intelligence: information received or imparted that leads to understanding in a deeper way.


What ways are you raising your LQ? It all starts with three simple questions.


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