[MMM] 2014 Will Bring Your Career… | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning! 


We are what we eat.”

Well after the Christmas & New Years break, then a bunch of us are running around talking like turkeys.


This fall, I decided to move toward eating as much organic and healthy food as possible. I am not legalistic about it (I confess, every so often you will see my car visit the drive-thru at McDonald’s…). I have even instituted VW’s: Vegetarian Wednesdays. 


It is good once a week to give your system a break from processing meat. Additionally to making me feel better overall, eating healthy also saves a heck of a lot of time when shopping as there are only 2 aisles in Loblaws with organic food. I have discovered a new store north of Toronto called Natures Emporium. It is essentially the Canadian equivalent of Whole Foods. It also has a good take out selection and a place to sit and eat lunch.

It was there that I noticed this posted on the wall:




I have heard that saying many many times and mostly agree. However, it isn’t completely true. While yes, what you eat impacts you, I am sorry, but I am not a zucchini, snap pea crisp, coconut chip, nor a walnut (some may argue about the latter).


A more true statement is; 


We are what we think.


Dr. David Hamilton is a Scottish scientist who specializes in research about the mind and body. His team from Harvard did research on those who played the piano and compared brain imaging scans with those of individuals who simply thought about playing the piano. The discovery was astounding- in both groups, the affected area of the brain was equally developed.


What does this prove? Our thoughts fundamentally both shape and impact us. Our thoughts shape our beliefs, which lead to behaviours, which lead to what we do & who we are, which leads back to thoughts etc.

It is good to eat well, but it is better to think & eat well.

In 2013, you may not always have ate or thought the best things, you may have ingesting too much sugar or alcohol. As you start 2014, start thinking and sharing healthy thoughts with those you love and admire. The results will surprise & amaze you.


Thinking, along the road with you!  




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