[MMM] 2 Ways To Maximize The Holiday Season | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning! 


This is the last full working week for most of us & typically, we think that it is a quiet time of year for opportunity. There is a tendency to wind down all of the work activity. While there is some truth that things may take a bit longer at this time of year, there is still activity that may surprise you. 


Most people are a bit more relaxed & open in general. I was reminded of two ways to make the most of this season both professionally and personallywhile walking into Starbucks.

Create Wonder. Share Joy.

Create means, from Latin creatus “to make, bring forth, produce, beget.”

Wonder comes from the old English wundor “marvelous thing, marvel, the object of astonishment.”
Share originates from the old English scearu “a portion cutting, shearing, tonsure; a part or division.”
Joy comes from the old French joie “source of pleasure or happiness.” 
The very Starbucks in which I took this picture delivered on the promise!
As I was sitting doing some planning and writing, I engaged in a conversation with a person who was also working. I discovered that Nathan Weaver is a marketing and brand specialist. We’re in the midst of redoing our website and tweaking our brand identity. Nathan was able to give some really great and practical advice. I thanked him and offered him coaching on some work related things that he was thinking about. 
We were creating and there was some wonder that two very different people, sitting in the same place, could help each other unexpectantly. Interestingly, Nathan posted a blog about this experience and I reposted this on my LinkedIn profile. 
We need to create our own wonder. Mostly it’s not found in the gifts we get, but rather in the memories we create. When we create wonder the natural outcome is the sharing of joy that comes from these experiences. Creating is the gift that keeps on giving.
As you go to parties and are out meeting various friends, family and work associates, don’t forget to create and share.
Whether you have a faith perspective or not, it really is the most wonderful time of the year…

Creating & sharing, along the road with you!  




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