[MMM] 2 Things We All Want From Work | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning! 


Accountants and street buskers have a lot more in common than most people might think. How do I know this is true?


What do you call a Cookie Monster who plays the bagpipes? I would call this a unique buskers act – he had certainly found his niche. I took a picture of him just to confirm it was veritable. At first I thought he was bopping along to a recording, but he stopped playing to show us spectators that he was indeed a “#realbagpipeplayingcookiemonster.” 



Who knew?


I had seen a sign by the Professional Accounting Association of Australia that really struck me. It simply said, “Be Heard. Be Recognized.” Interestingly, that very same billboard is in the background of my Cookie Monster photo.


Whether you are a finance person hoping someday to become the CFO for a fortune 500 company, or you are a street busker travelling the world, the core human needs remain the same.


We all want and need to have a voice of influence, and a place to be heard.


We all want and need to be recognized for the unique contribution we can make to society.


This is why I do what I do. The interesting thing that I have discovered is that this need will create all kinds of innovative opportunities if you have the courage and the willingness to take action.

This is the amazing thing that the right kind of job can do for you. When you find your place in the world, both things will happen:


You will be heard.

You will be recognized.


Who knows, maybe I will see you…

Taking action, along the road with you!




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