[MMM] 2 Key Ideas to Guide & Maximize Your Career in 2016

Jan 4, 2016 – More You. More Joy.

Good Monday morning,
I put a lot of thought into the first missive of the year (you can read my advice for 2015 here).
We live in a world that seemingly wants us to DO more & BE less. That’s why the following statement caught my consciousness. What is my best piece of advice that I could share to start 2016? It is summed up in just a few lines:

Do; perform, work on, make, produce, solve & achieve.
The first statement seems a little obvious. We often start the year thinking about what we need to do more of. Start an exercise program, get more sleep, get to work earlier, start a new certification, take on more responsibility, spend more time on your brand… In our professional & personal lives, there are a lot of pressure to do more.
Less; smaller, not as much & fewer. 
“Wu wie” is the art of not doing, as Canadians we see this with nature in winter. Plants, trees & many animals, pause to rest & have take the fall & winter season slow down.
My question for you: starting 2016 – right now – what is it that you need to do less of?
Doing less creates resources, energy, time, space to help you achieving something of true value, being more.
Be; Occupy, stay & attend.
More; a greater or additional amount or degree
When we occupy more of our talents, values & passions, we have the opportunity to give & receive in a more comprehensive way. More aligned with our ideals in life. What does be more look like for you in 2016?
More energy
More intellect
More curiosity
More resources
More potential
More relationships
More satisfaction
More purpose
More creativity
More focus
Here is the irony, as you become more of who you truly are, you actually have the opportunity accomplish more personally & professionally in a way that is more integrated & wholesome. This leads to what we all truly want.
More You. More Joy.

Happy New Year, along the road with you!

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