[MMM] 1 simple idea to move your career forward, guaranteed!

Good Monday morning, 


Let’s face it. For most of us, we don’t exactly look forward to the chore of cleaning our home. Then, came the Dyson. 


James Dyson, founder of The Dyson Company, has completely revolutionized an entire vacuuming industry. In 1993, he launched the first bagless vacuum cleaner. The company has evolved to become the global leader in the industry and have products as diverse as hand dryers, air cleaners, and hair dryers. They have a 56-acre campus and have 129 design labs. Their goal is to launch 100 new products in the next four years. What is the key to James’ ability to be an innovator in his field? Window seats. 


When James travels, which he constantly does, he always sits in a window seat. “I love seeing the world from a different angle.” His “aha!” moment for the original bagless vacuum was the result of a trip to a sawmill. He noticed how the sawmill removed sawdust, and 5126 prototypes later the DC01 vacuum cleaner was launched. He sees the world from a different angle. 


What about you? Are you confused by the recent restructuring in your companyfeeling stuck in your job searchfrustrated by a wall in your career? Next time, choose the window seat. 


Along the road with you!




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