Mentors and Board of Directors, What They Have in Common…

Who do you turn to when looking for career advice? Do you rely on books, friends or the internet? All of those are good places, however the best advice comes directly from our mentors. This week’s podcast is with Debi Rosati C.A. ICD.D. who is a Corporate Director on a number of boards including, Sears Canada. A former Venture Capitalist and CFO, she shares the benefit of getting an external, objective and professional mentoring when it comes to managing a company. I love the saying “don’t believe everything you think” We are too close to many of the big decisions to see them objectively, that is why most companies have people like Debi on their board.

When it comes to managing your career, who’s on your personal Board of Directors? According to a recent study conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a full 96 per cent of HR professionals agree that hiring a career coach delivers tangible benefits to individuals and organizations alike. So whether you need help drafting a professional resume, securing a promotion, switching jobs, or any other career-related move, I am here to help.

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The Not So Big Career: Rightsizing Your Career and Life with Sarah Susanka, best-selling author of The Not So Big Series.

Have you ever thought that you wear too many hats in your career? Are your days at work so filled with commitments, meetings, and to-do lists that time goes by in a blur? Ever wondered whether you really need – or even want – such a “big” career? Is there a way to feel at peace, content, “at home” in your career? A bigger career is not necessarily a better career. Join me as I interview Sarah Susanka, Architect and best-selling author of The Not So Big House series, Home By Design, and The Not So Big Life as they discuss how to rightsize your life and career.

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