Looking for your next gig? Start digging…lessons from Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Last week, I had conversation with one of our new clients who had reach out to us for help with her job search. In the last month, she has done a great online job researching, reading articles, planning her calls, organizing her schedule and strategizing her message. My question was, “When are you going to actually meet people?” You may be struggling with this as well, this comment may help you.


“We’ve got to dig at once!”


Sir Ranulph Fiennes told this to his team of explorers.  This was his seventh expedition in 26 years of searching for the lost city of Ubar – shown  on the first map of the world and dating back to the era of the Queen of Sheba.  He had been exploring the largest desert in the world on the border of Yeman since 1968.


Fiennes and his team were at Shis’r in South Arabia when he overheard his ‘guides’ (really government spies) joking that they were not digging. Knowing the Oman Ministry would not be happy with exploring without actually doing anything, he immediately said…


“We’ve got to dig at once!”


The did just that and two days later they discoverd a 3,000-year-old Persian chess pieces a mere eight inches below the surface. One month after that, they uncovered the walls of Ubar. “It was total luck” but I deserved it after search for over 25 years,” said Sir Ranulph.


It wasn’t luck at all. It was sustained effort and perseverence.


Why don’t we dig when we know we need to? Well, digging is messy, hard work. It’s a lot easier to analyze and talk about what we want and how we are going to get it than actually doing it. 


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This week, start digging. Stop looking and analyzing. You only find treasures when you dig. Maybe you’ll find a new role or who knows?  Maybe you’ll discover the secrets of the universe!


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Digging, along the road with you!




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