Lessons on how to find & hire great people from the movie; Moneyball

Do you feel frustrated by the traditional hiring model? As a manager are you having a challenging time finding great people? Are you a small brand competing against the big guys?  Are you limited by the budgets that you have? I have a suggestion for how to improve this. Recently I went with my son to see the movie, Moneyball, It is the story of Billy Beane (acted by Brad Pitt) GM of The Oakland Athletics, who with the lowest payroll baseball went on to build a winning team. It is a an inspiring movie, well shot with a strong script & a inspiring story.

Billy shared “We are that last dog at the bowl, we’ve got to think differently. We had an imperfect understanding of the game, we are asking the wrong questions. People are overlooking a variety of great players for reasons of bias, they are all looking for the same thing.” Roger Martin, dean of The Rotman School of Management shared on CBC’s Sunday Morning “when an economy or company is run on certain principles, over a period of time they become deeply embedded in belief systems.”

We have an imperfect understanding of how to hire great people. Want to build a winning team? The new rules less about where you went to school, what degree you have, what your GPA. How many years of experience? Do they have “Canadian” experience. Challenge the embedded beliefs about the “right” candidate in your industry. Stop looking for the same type of person everyone else in your industry is looking for.

The result. The Oakland A’s, went on the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball.  Billy stated, “If we win, it will change the game, that’s what I want” Billy Beane, Steve Jobs Mother Teresa, Crag me to we. They are influencing entire countries & sector 


It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about seeing potential where others pass over. Listen to my Podcast with Gad Shaanan on how he found opportunity in a unexpected place, a can of WD-40. 

You can change the game.


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