Lee Grant (B.Sc.), VP, Corporate

LeeLee has over 15 years of business experience developing and managing corporate relationships in the financial services industry.
Before joining CareerJoy, Lee served as a Vice President and a Director at RBC Capital Markets where he excelled as the primary point of contact and face of RBC for many large multinational corporations. His strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail and commitment to delivering an unparalleled client experience have been instrumental in his ability to build credibility on a national and international level.
Lee has been a multiple recipient of the annual Brendan Wood International distinction for exceptional knowledge and service in his industry and brings to CareerJoy his dedication to delivering sound advice and trusted service at the corporate level.
“If only I could … I’d be the happiest person alive”
If only I could enjoy the moment, I’d be the happiest person alive.  I spend way too much time planning and not enough time enjoying…but I’m getting there.
Top 5 favorite movies?
In random order

  • Glengarry Glen Ross
  • Life as a House
  • Love Actually
  • The Usual Suspects
  • The Last Castle

If you could be a character from Star Wars, who would you be and why?

Without a doubt, it’s Yoda.  He’s 800 years old, gives impeccable advice and has an awesome sense of humor.
What’s your favorite thing to do on a hot summer day?
Spend it outside with my kids, doing whatever they want to do (unplanned…see question 1).
What’s your most endearing quality?
I like to think it’s my sense of humor.  Sharing a chuckle really does make the day better!
What’s one of the most daring things you’ve done?
I once hike up a mountain in 50°C heat…ok, that may not have been daring per say, but it wasn’t easy.
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I think I wanted to be a fireman, or policeman, or both???
What’s your biggest pet peeve?
The increasing use of acronyms in everyday communication.   I still like using good old fashion words.
What’s your idea of a great vacation?
A great vacation is sharing laughs, having fun and creating memories.  It can be as simple as a weekend away.
What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had for breakfast?
I once grilled a burger at 7am.  It was actually alright, but I haven’t done it since.
What’s your favorite unhealthy snack?

Chocolate; with cookies, cakes and virtually anything sweet being a close second, third and fourth.