[MMM] Leading During Pandemic Fears: Panicked or Practical?

We live in interesting times.


When a person uses the word “interesting,” you usually have to pause to consider what they are saying. To be frank, usually, it’s a softer way of saying “troubling” times.


We had a team meeting on Friday to discuss all the different realities of a world & economy seemingly more & more concerned about the health impacts of the Coronavirus.


You hear the words,




Two other words are bandied about,




I am not a health specialist; however, our work involves leading & managing change &, at times, crisis. I would suggest this falls into the latter category.


The key to leading & managing any significant disruption in your organization or life is how you conduct yourself. You can only lead others as you are leading yourself.


I want to suggest five other words that will be important in these coming days & weeks as we work through this global reality.




I say this out of personal experience. CareerJoy started amidst the deepest downturn in the tech sector in the early 2000s.


I asked these five questions:


How do I prepare for this new reality?
What new business plan do I need to create?
Which priorities is most important right now?
Pragmatically, what do I need to stop doing & start doing immediately?
Where are the new opportunities & what positive are found in the current reality?


It is fairly easy to lead others & yourself in sunny days. The real test is the inevitable challenging days that arrive in unexpected circumstances.


This begs the question: Will you lead out of pandemic fear or as a pragmatic optimist?


This too shall pass.


Along the road with you!




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