Launching & managing a successful business: Advice from 4 entrepreneurs

What is the key to launching and managing a successful business? Would it be to choose the right location, or to make sure that you have strong financial backing? Is it important what kind of education and experience that you have? This week’s podcast is with 4 entrepreneurs who shared their experience and advice from our recent Canadian Career Development Webinar.
Each of the participants on our webinar had many great insights, I thought I would share some of the key ideas.
Cathie Hudson founder of Bark Avenue shared “To not be afraid to ask for help, there are some great programs and people that are more than willing to help- just ask.”
Darcy Whyte founder of Rubber Power shared “Consider the role of social media – it has never been easier to launch and promote your product or service and connect with potential partners and customers.”
Amber Hall Co-founder of Equator Coffee shared “You need to consider the impact on your family and work together as a team, and know when to take a break away from your business.”
Craig Hall Co-founder of Equator Coffee shared “Persistence. Keep calling on that potential new account, you would be surprised how they might respond.”
Whether you are launching a business or managing a team of people, the “nuggets” are applicable in all areas of our lives. This week, consider how to use one of these concepts to help you advance in your career.
Persisting, along the road with you!