Johnny Depp's Fresh Start

Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. Currently, he is starring in the latest rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I can still remember going to see that movie as a child, and a few months ago I rented it to watch with my kids. The DVD had extra scenes from the original movie, as well as interviews with Gene Wilder and the Director.

The director told an interesting story about how they got the funding for the movie. It was actually funded by a candy bar company (and people thought product placement was a recent phenomena!).

I have not seen the new movie yet, however I know it is doing very well at the box office. Johnny Depp’s career was in a tailspin a few years ago, so he decided to pack his bags and move to Paris, France. There is a saying in real estate: “location, location, location”. In Johnny Depp’s own words, he described his life as: “Going downhill in LA.” He was suffering from “Negative Gravitational Career Syndrome”.

Certain times it’s necessary to make a major transition in our life to get us out of the gravitational elements that keep us stuck in a bad situation. In some cases, staying in our current location or career setting keeps everything constant, and things won’t change until we get out and start afresh.

A new location can be great. We often use the term “fresh start”, and this is what a new geographic location can do. There can be some risks – what if it doesn’t work out? As Johnny Depp discovered, Paris was a much better place for him to live his life (when not working in the Chocolate Factory). It enabled him to be more himself. As a result, I think his acting has been enhanced because the energy that he uses to be himself is minimized by distractions outside of his work. I have seen a similar situation with a client of mine who recently moved to the Vancouver area. Not only has it enhanced his career, but his life as well, making it the best possible step for him.

If you need help figuring out what that “fresh start” should be for you, our coaches would be pleased to work with you to bring focus and clarity to your individual situation.

Hey, if the Candy Man Can, So Can You!

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